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Tim Windler

Tim Windler

Financial Advisor

Tim is a Financial Advisor at Prime Financial and joined the team back in August of 2019. Prior to joining Prime, he served as a Financial Advisor at another independent planning practice for over 3 years. Tim is committed to the fiduciary standard of care and always placing his clients’ interests ahead of his own.

Tim helps clients identify their goals, build a plan to support those goals, and continually monitor the strategies put in place as those goals become nearer or change. As intimidating as talking about personal finances may seem, Tim’s strives to simplify the conversation and provide guidance related to each individual or family’s situation.

Tim also specializes in portfolio construction for Prime’s money management clients. As an independent firm, Prime can evaluate and select securities offered from numerous institutions, thus providing tailored portfolios for clients.  Tim also authors Prime’s Quarterly Market Newsletter on allocation adjustments within the portfolios and market updates.

Tim is a UW-Whitewater graduate and was born and raised in South Milwaukee. He currently resides in Brookfield with his wife Caitlin and son Cooper. Outside of the office, Tim enjoys outdoor activities when the weather is warm, attending concerts, rooting for his favorite teams, and officiating basketball.